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Priority Needs

What we need:

  • Land, with or without a home or other structure on it
  • RS zoned, able to subdivide; minimum of 1/3 acre, but larger is preferred
  • RM zoned, subdivision and size are property dependent
  • Please contact us for zoning information outside of the Urban Growth Boundary
  • Commercial zoned to allow for 80% residential. We can consider condominiums, but we need enough units for the project to pencil. We are open minded to this possibility if the fit is right.

How you can help:

  • Make a full or partial donation of land and realize the tax benefits. If you would like to donate, but are not sure if your land fits our needs, please reach out to us! We might have a creative use for it, or we might be able to sell it and use the proceeds to purchase a parcel that will work.
  • Activate your networks on our behalf – let your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues know about our need.
  • Point us to land for sale that meets our specifications.

Funding Goal

What we need:

  • Half-time, paid internships, to help us sustain and grow our critical operations, to provide employment for Bend residents, and to train-up staff for future years
  • $18,000 would fully fund a half-time Intern for a year

How you can help:

  • We welcome all cash gifts, including challenge and matching gifts, that would be restricted to Internships
  • Those who fully fund an Internship may attach their name to it

What we need:

It costs about $37,000 to upgrade a Kôr cottage from a minimum code-built home to a goal net-zero energy home, meaning we need about $185,000 to upgrade our five cottage Kôrazon community

How you can help:

Cash gifts, in-kind donations, or materials provided at cost or at a discount are needed in the areas of: air sealing and insulation, lighting, efficient hot water heaters and appliances, and solar PV. Thank you for your support!

Ways to Give

Cash Gifts

Cash gifts maintain Kôr’s financial health and stability. Some public and government funding is helps to finance our home construction projects, but we rely almost solely on cash gifts from individual donors to fund our operations including our outreach, education, and support programs.

To make a cash gift, click on the donate button, send your check payable to Kôr CLT to us at PO Box 6693, Bend, 97708, or call us at 541-904-5145. Make a cash gift in honor or memory of another; donate as a birthday or holiday gift for someone special; or suggest that your family and friends donate to Kôr in recognition of your own birthday, anniversary, or other milestone.

In-Kind Gifts

Your in-kind gifts of materials, product, labor and services keep project costs low and result in savings that we pass on as additional subsidies to our low-income homebuyers!

Donations are needed at all stages of project development including:

  • Surveying, design and engineering
  • Infrastructure, site preparation, and landscaping
  • Construction labor and materials

Materials needed include those typically used in home construction such as lumber, dry wall, and mechanical equipment. Donations, or materials given at cost or discount, positively impact our bottom line.

Product needed includes finishes and fixtures, windows and doors, flooring, paint, and more.

Services needed are across all trades including electrical, plumbing, and painting.

In-kind donations aimed at energy efficiencies move our homes from minimum-code build to goal net-zero energy. Donations of, or at-cost or discount pricing for, the following are critical to achieving our net-zero goal:

  • Upgraded window insulation (<= 0.23 – 0.25 U-value)
  • Air sealing (<= 1 AC H)
  • LED lighting
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Energy efficient hot water heaters
  • Solar PV

Matching Gift Programs

Ask your employer if they offer matching gift and volunteer programs.

For example, many employers match gifts that their employees (or retired employees) make to non-profits. Some employers extend the match to gifts made by the employee’s spouse. Employers also often encourage their employees to volunteer. Some employers make cash gifts to non-profits based on an Hourly Rate x # of Employee Volunteer Hours.

Planned Giving and Legacy Gifts

Your legacy gifts ensure that your philanthropy continues well into the future. For assistance with planned giving and legacy gifts, we encourage you to work with an attorney who specializes in estate planning.

Legacy gifts include, but are not limited to, you:

  • Making a bequest, or providing for an endowed gift, in your will or trust
  • Naming the Kôr Community Land trust, ID #47-1089244, as a beneficiary on your IRA or life insurance policy


You may make a bequest to Kôr in your will or revocable trust. The bequest can be a gift of cash, securities, other assets, or a percentage of your estate’s residual. You may make the gift undesignated, in which case it will be applied to Kôr’s area of greatest need. Or you may designate the gift for a specific purpose. After your lifetime, Kôr receives the gift and uses it as you intended.

Named beneficiary – IRA gift

You may name Kôr as the beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other qualified retirement plan. After your lifetime, your retirement plan residual is passed to Kôr tax-free.

Named beneficiary – Life Insurance gift

By naming Kôr as the beneficiary on your life insurance policy, proceeds will be paid after your lifetime as per your designation. You can receive a tax deduction for your gift.

Many other vehicles are available for planned giving, including gift annuities. With a gift annuity, you agree to donate an asset to a non-profit; the non-profit invests the asset and makes fixed payments to you or your beneficiary. When the agreement ends, the funds benefit the non-profit.

Stock Gifts

Appreciated securities that you’ve owned for more than one year make excellent gifts to non-profits. Please consult your financial advisor about the potential benefits that might accrue in the areas of charitable income tax deductions and capital gains tax.

Fundraiser and Friendraisers

Your contributions to, attendance at, or ability to host a fundraiser or friendraiser provide cash and in-kind support for Kôr while raising public awareness of our mission. Specific ways to support include:

  • Sponsor our annual fundraising dinner, typically held in spring
  • Purchase a table or tickets to our dinner
  • Donate a raffle or silent auction item. High-value items include dining and entertainment, travel, sports and recreation, jewelry and art.
  • Support our fall fundraiser. Huck It for Housing, our trebuchet competition, engages high school teams to see who can huck their pumpkins the farthest. Sponsor the event, sponsor a team, or enter as a team and support Kôr.
  • Help us tell our story more broadly and secure new donors by sponsoring a Friendraiser or hosting a Friendraiser in your home. These events can happen throughout the year in venues public to private and can be presented as receptions, small concerts, picnics, or even stargazing parties. Contact us with your ideas!

To learn more about Kôr events, contact Development Director Laurie Hoyle at 541-904-5145 or


Want to help others have a home in Bend? Eager to embrace energy efficiencies and new technologies to the benefit of our community and the environment? Ready to advance affordability, sustainability, and diversity for the betterment of all?

Then volunteer for Kôr!

  • Consider board service
  • Be a committee member
  • Get involved with our outreach, education, and support programs
  • Help plan our next event








“Home ownership is important for many reasons, and yet it is unattainable for more and more people. At Kôr, you can contribute to an environmentally conscious solution to Bend’s worsening affordable housing problems.” – Teresa T., Volunteer

Please email for more information.

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