Kôrazon is Kôr CLT’s first homeownership community. It is a joint venture with Housing Works of Central Oregon and we are proud to offer five attainable, goal zero-energy homes in 2020. The homes in this community are 2-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,100 square feet. The community is a cluster cottage style with perimeter common shared grounds.

Our application lottery is still open for the 50%-80% AMI bracket.  If you are interested in applying, review our requirements and recommendations to see if you meet the criteria and contact us for more information. If your household does not meet the minimum criteria, but you would like Kôr to review your case on an individual basis, please direct this request to info@korlandtrust.org.

The lottery for the 40%-50% AMI home and the 80%-120% AMI home has closed. If you are interested in being added to the waiting list, please email us for more information.

The homes at Kôrazon will be sold to mixed income qualified buyers:

  • One will be placed to middle income (80-120% AMI)
  • Three will be placed to low-income (50-80% AMI)
  • One will be placed to a very low-income household (40-50% AMI)