Do I qualify for Kôr’s homeownership program?

Kôr has Recommendations, Requirements and Preferences for homebuyers in the areas of:

  1.  INCOME – We serve low and moderate-income households (40-120% of AMI). Check the 2021 HUD AMI limits to see if your household income for the number of people in your household will qualify for one of our homes.
  2.  EDUCATION – In addition to an informational session, all homebuyers are required to complete four courses in the areas of homebuyer education, financial fitness, community living, and residential net-zero energy. Please note that the information session is required before applying.
  3.  FINANCE OR LOAN-ABILITY – This includes recommendations and requirements to qualify for a loan (for example, credit score, proof of income and debt-to-income ratios, bad debt limits, first time homebuyer status, etc.)
  4. PREFERENCES – It is our mission to serve those who contribute to our local community and economy. Lottery preference will be given for those residing in Crook, Jefferson, or Deschutes County.  Preference will also be given for a household size that will best utilize the home size.  Note: We follow HUD’s rental occupancy standards of 1-person for 0-bedrooms and 1.5 for each additional bedroom, plus 1 A bedroom is defined by a habitable space within the premises that is used primarily for sleeping with a window and a closet space for clothing.
  5. CRIMINAL HISTORY – In the effort to create safe and healthy communities, Kôr homebuyers must meet the requirements of our Criminal Record Policy.
How does my household apply for a home?

  1. Attend an informational session to learn about our program and current housing opportunities. You will not be able to fill out a full application for one of our homes until you have attended an information session. For more information, contact Amy Warren, awarren@korlandtrust.org.
  2. Confirm that your household meets our program requirements.
  3. Fill out a short form application on our website (only available when our application process is open).
  4. If you meet our program requirements, you will be prompted to fill out a full application. When our application closes, we will hold a lottery for each of our homes. Households that apply after the application has closed will be added to the waiting list.
  5. Contact NeighborImpact! They provide free homebuyer counseling, a down payment matching program, and homebuyer education courses. These tools are not specific to Kôr’s program and can prepare you for homebuyer readiness regardless of the home you choose.