A Note From Our Board President


With our Kôrazón project rapidly approaching completion, and the Crescita project slated for  groundbreaking this spring, the Kôr team is evaluating how we can become an even more  impactful organization in Central Oregon.

Since our founding in 2014, the majority of Kôr’s top-level management functions have been  carried out by Amy Warren, a co-founder of the organization and our current Executive Director. Amy has done a phenomenal job in this role, growing Kôr from nothing more than a nascent idea  into a successful community land trust.

But growth always comes with challenges, and late last year Amy told the board that it was time  to enhance Kôr’s management steam to give it the capacity to pursue the organization’s  ambitious goals and dreams. The time had come to reorganize and add new skills.

Working closely with Amy, the board determined that the old position of executive director had  grown into two full-time positions: One dedicated to managing the organization and fundraising. The other, focused full-time on the critical work of developing communities and homes, and assisting those who contribute to our community and economy realize the benefits of  homeownership.

In January, Kôr’s board formally endorsed this new direction, splitting our old single leadership  job into two new positions: An Executive Director and a Land Development Director.

Amy, who had been deeply involved in Kôr since day one, now faced the inevitable question – which of these two jobs did she wish to take. After much consideration about which role she  would find “most rewarding and best suited to her skills set,” Amy has decided to move forward  with Kôr as our Land Development Director, a position that will allow her to remain deeply  involved in the hands-on work that allows the opportunity of homeownership to come to fruition.

Amy’s decision, of course, presents Kôr with the challenge of recruiting a new executive director  and that process is just about to begin. If you’d like to learn more or know someone who you  think might be interested in this job, you’ll find all the relevant information on our website at korlandtrust.org.

Laura Fritz, Kôr Community Land Trust Board President