Mission / Vision / Values


Kôr provides environmentally sustainable and permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for those who contribute to the fabric of the Bend area economy and community.


Kôr Community Land Trust creates attainable homeownership opportunities using the land trust model of privately-owned homes on trust-owned land. Kôr’s innovative approach brings together goal net-zero development with perpetual affordability. Our harmonious communities cultivate diversity and foster pride of ownership which is reflected in the way our homes and common spaces are maintained and in the connections among residents. Kôr communities are well known throughout the region and serve as a model for land trust development. As a result of our work, members of our community with limited assets have stable homeownership opportunities.


Kôr CLT makes all decisions consciously, with the following values at the forefront:
We are committed to SUSTAINABILITY for future generations.
We foster COMMUNITY to promote stability and growth.
We are champions of DIVERSITY and the value it brings to our community.
We seek CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to challenges.
We are focused on QUALITY products and results.