Huck it for Housing!

What do High School Science, Heritage Pigs, and Affordable

Homeownership Have in Common?

The First Annual



Saturday, November 4, 2017          11:30am-3:30pm

21598 Morrill Road (between Bend and Redmond)

Trebuchet logo

This event benefits Kôr Community Land Trust, and provides fun for the whole family! High school science teams will be making their own trebuchet, doing preliminary calculations, and launching pumpkins across a heritage pig farm in Bend for the win.  In addition to fall fun, there will be a chili feed contest with local participating restaurants.

See poster for more details


Moody Little Sister House Concert

Join us on Friday, June 9 at 6 PM – 9 PM for a house concert!

I saw Moody Little Sister at the Sister’s Folk Festival this summer and had to invite them down to play! Hailing from Portland, Oregon, this duo makes your soul wonder. The band is graced with the jeweled voice of Naomi Hooley, originally from Alaska, and is taken to the next level by the musical breath of her husband Rob Stroup. This private house concert is hosted in a historical home downtown Bend and is sure to be a treat. Beer and wine will be provided for a suggested donation. I can’t wait to see you there!


Tickets available at  $20

The campaign has launched!!

We have 35 days to raise the funds for our first property.  We could not be more proud to share this amazing campaign with you, and we hope that you will feel the same and share it with your network as well.  We can do this together!

Thank you to Bendbroadband and Jeff Haney from Zolo for making and donating the amazing video! And, thank you to the individuals who volunteered to be the face of the many that they represent who need affordable housing in this town.
Let us be the change in our town that we want to see! Here is the link to share