How It Works

Kôr operates under the Community Land Trust (CLT) model, which is active in many states, cities and towns across the United States. Community Land Trusts are nationally recognized, community-based nonprofit organizations that work to provide perpetually affordable home ownership opportunities. A CLT develops and stewards affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces and other community assets on behalf of a community. There is generally community ownership of land, and individual ownership of buildings. The National Community Land Trust website has some great information if you would like to know more. It can be found at

In Kôr’s case, following the CLT model means that, by using funding from grants and donations, we will acquire land and build homes for those who otherwise couldn’t afford to purchase one. These will be sold to Bend residents who meet our income requirements and qualify for a mortgage. We plan to offer 25% of our homes at market value to aid those at or near median income,  and 75% of our homes to low income and super-low income qualifiers.

Kôr houses will be affordable perpetually. This is done by ensuring that the resale price for a Kôr home grows at a fixed rate over the years to balance the equity earned by the seller with an affordable resale price for the new owners.

The CLT model has worked for decades throughout the country. It has helped many people who could not otherwise afford to own a house truly make a home. It will now do so for the residents of Bend, offering affordable and sustainable housing for generations to come.

Kôr will make its homes attainable to the following income brackets