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housing something you can
get passionate about?

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Many of Bend's teachers
can't afford to purchase a
home in our community.

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Help Kôr put homeownership
within reach of all Bend's
hard-working citizens. Our
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What is Kôr

Kôr is a new nonprofit that seeks to make homeownership attainable for all of Bend's hardworking citizens. Home prices are higher than many of our valued community members can afford. Kôr will use the Community Land Trust model to build sustainable housing that will be affordable for generations. Learn more.

How can I help?

The most important thing you can do to help Kôr is become a member. All our funding comes from donations and grants.

You can also volunteer with Kôr. Put your time and skills to use to make a difference.

Finally, spread the word - the more people who know about Kôr, the more people we can help.

Latest News

Join Kôr Community Land Trust on March 1st from 5:30-9:30pm for our third-annual fundraising dinner and celebration. Help us toast to our past year and look forward to our successes in the year to come. We are hosted again this year by Tetherow with their great service, food, and atmosphere. We will be joined by The Oregon Community Foundation to share why they chose to support Kôr this year. The evening will also include music by Jazz Duo- George Bouhey … read more